• 3d


    Our full-service CG team

    specializes in modeling, texturing,

    research animatics,

    architectural visualization,

    character animation, end-to-end TVCs,

    and much more...


    check it out our showreel session!


  • compositing


    Efecktor's team of digital compositors

    can construct a photo-realistic

    environment to fit seamlessly

    into any scene.

    Digital compositing is an essential

    tool in the VFX production process

    and is used in almost every contemporary film.


  • on set supervision


    On-set supervision allows Efecktor to be

    an active part of principle photography.

    Skilled supervisors can assist in determining

    how best to set up and shoot a scene.

    This early involvement allows efecktor

    to begin post production

    with effects-ready footage

    and with much more

    information about it.


  • roto and clean up


    Rotoscoping is often considered the simplest

    visual effects element in a movie yet doing

    so requires extensive work.

    Understanding that rotoscoping

    is a tedious work and believing

    that you have better things do,

    Efecktor offers several rotoscoping

    services to help you unload

    some of your roto-work.